Welcome to the DIPSEIL project web page. Here you can gather some insights what DIPSEIL is, what its targets are and who is in the team.

What is DIPSEIL?

DIPSEIL stands for "Distributed Internet-based Performance Support Environment for Individualized Learning". It was a project to define, develop and test a distributed system for individualized learning and the underlying pedagogical procedures to implement, facilitate and promote performance-centered learning experiences in the context of international university education [1].

Since the start of the project a lot has changed. We have already developed the fourth version of the system and it went into production in 2019. The system is not a project anymore, but a real environment for the students at the Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski". Currently it is used by students in the faculties of electronics, law, finances, software development and several more.


The system in its third version (current stable version) can be found here.

The system in its fourth version (latest version, ramping up) can be found here.


[1] Distributed Internet-based Performance Support Environment for Individualized Learning (DIPSEIL) – the Model (Nevena Mileva, Dimitar Tokmakov, Mihail Milev)